Outdoor Classroom Committee

Parents/Board Members:
Damien Raffa, Education and Volunteer Program Manager at the Presidio Trust
(7th grade parent)
Kyle Macdonald, Founder of the Outdoors Empowered Network and Founder,
CEO of Bay Area Wilderness Training
(2nd and 5th grade parent)
Alison Sant, Partner in the Studio for Urban Projects, President of the Seed Fund (Board Member, Kindergarden and 2nd grade parent)

Mitch Mitchell, Advancement Director
Cory Powers, GS Administrative Coordinator

Amy Belkora, Coordinator, GS Garden Teacher
John Burket, HS Biology Teacher
Karmin Guzder, 4th Grade Class Teacher
Ben Pittenger, HS Earth Sciences Teacher
Matt Hart, Outdoor Education Coordinator
Ellie Capers (Advisor)