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Lecture Series on Work Arising from the Life of Rudolf Steiner

San Francisco Waldorf School is delighted to host Rudolf Steiner College's San Francisco extension of their Waldorf Teacher Training Program. This year the program offers a series of lectures on the many movements and ideas begun by or inspired by Rudolf Steiner's life work including Waldorf Education, Bio-Dynamics, Eurythmy, the Camphill movement, The Three-Fold Social Organism and Economics. All lectures take place on our high school campus at 470 West Portal Avenue except the October 17th... Read More

Trevor Sargent (SFWS 2012) - Computer Science and Waldorf Education

Tell us about your college experience thus far. I arrived at Lewis & Clark knowing that there were many graduates of SFWHS waiting for me. I also knew that I wanted to pursue my love of technical theater and design, and explore another area of study. I took an intro level computer science class, and was instantly sold -- I quickly declared a double major in computer science and theatre (concentration: design/tech), and under the watchful eye of both departments, have been making my way up... Read More

From Steiner to Waldorf - With Robert McDermott

Tuesday, March 197:30 - 9:00 pmDakin Hall, San Francisco Waldorf Grade School Free to the community.  Dr. McDermott will give an introduction to Rudolf Steiner and his biography and then offer insight into the influences and thinking that led Steiner to the creation of the Waldorf School . Dr. McDermott is president emeritus of the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) and is professor and chair, Philosophy and Religion Department.He was a professor at Manhattanville College (... Read More

Alyssa Woodman (SFWHS Class of 2006) Working on the Cutting Edge of Sustainable Transportation

Tell us a bit about your life.I have been working at Tesla Motors since October 2013 and was recently promoted to Senior Project Manager. While this occupies most of my life, I carve out time for other adventures: Belize last November, Thailand this April, weekend ski trips with friends.  I volunteer at a homeless housing project, providing homework and tutoring support. Also, I enjoy seeing Waldorf classmates, both from grade school (WSP) and high school (SFWHS).  And I am putting my... Read More

Isabella Serrano (Class of 2011) SFWHS to the Eurythmeum Stuttgart

Fully immersed in a recent Eurythmy performance, a piece by Franz Shubert at the Eurythmeum Stuttagart where she is a student, Isabella Serrano found perfect tone through movement and music – something akin perhaps to the flow of an elite athlete who is “in the zone.”   “I used to play the cello,” Isabella recounts. “When there is perfect pitch in any key, the D string vibrates. That is when you know you are completely in tune. And that is similar to what is possibly in eurythmy – when one... Read More

Ilana Stein (Class of 2005), Integrative Plant Biologist, UC Berkeley

SFWS: Please explain your graduate work at UC Berkeley. Ilana Stein: I am a first-year doctoral student in UC Berkeley’s Integrative Biology Department. My program focuses on the integration of multiple scales of biology, with a unifying emphasis on trying to understand the processes that drive evolution. People in the department study a broad range of topics, such as paleontology, neuroscience, molecular phylogenetics, ecology, and so forth. The lab that I am a part of is focused on plant... Read More

Science Through the Grades at SFWS

At San Francisco Waldorf School, the science program is broad, competitive, and innovative, spanning the breadth of the scientific disciplines from organic chemistry to ecology. The school’s general educational approach, moving from the whole to the parts, means an early focus on the whole-systems sciences like ecology, before immersion in the traditional scientific disciplines in the older grades. Throughout the grades, each aspect of natural science is related to the human being as a... Read More

Family Estate and Guardianship Planning Seminar - January 7

A seminar with John O’Grady Wednesday, January 7, 6:30 - 8:30pm Location: High School Campus Free to the Community  Start the new year right by addressing some of the hardest questions that no one wants to face, but are essential to answer for the well-being of your children and family.  This seminar is appropriate for families with children of all ages, and for all income levels.  “In most estate cases, the conflict is not about who inherits the dining room table.  It’... Read More

Paige Whiteside, (SFWS 2003), High School Mentor

SFWS: Can you talk about your experience since graduating from high school? Paige Whiteside: Upon completing SFWHS in the third graduating class, I was fortunate to attend Willamette University in beautiful Oregon. I immersed myself in my interests - psychology and creative arts - and fell in love with school on many levels. After four years, a thesis, and a lot of pizza deliveries I was more than ready to return to the beloved Bay Area and get my hands dirty. I experimented with several jobs... Read More

Gabe Goldthwaite (Class of 2005) - Building Community with Great Food

From curry to sliders to crème brûlée, San Francisco’s food trucks offer diners on-the-go delicious and affordable lunchtime options. They are also at the epicenter of a movement that brings together sustainability, community, and economic empowerment. The city’s largest operation, Off the Grid, describes itself as “a roaming mobile food extravaganza with free sides of music, craft, and soul.” There you will find alum Gabe Goldthwaite (SFWS ’05), whose Off the Grid work has ranged from event... Read More

Welcoming Remarks by Diane David, Kindergarten Teacher

Let’s begin with an activity that starts many a-morning in a Waldorf grade classroom: mental math. So raise your hand if you know the answer. If Waldorf education started 95 years ago, what year did it begin?  If I was born 30 years later, how old does that make me? (Now you have to give me some credit for exposing my age.) Lastly, if my first 4 children went through Waldorf education, 2 years of kindergarten and 8 years of grades, and my last 2 children went through 2 years of... Read More

Winter Fair Thanks

Winter Fair would not be possible without the incredible volunteer effort from the entire school community. Thank you for all of the support before, during, and after the Fair. Its success is a testament to our community and  the overall willingness to pitch in to make events like this wonderful. Special thanks are due to the following people:  Winter Fair Coordinators: Laura Hudgens and Madhulika JainK/Nursery Primary: Amy Tachoires and Scott PeterK/Nursery Cookie House: Abigail... Read More

3rd Annual Golf Benefit - A Great Success!

Sponsors:   Ana and Charles Migos  Tara Rota, Danny Coster, & Family Matt Every, PGA Tour Professional & FamilyBob Kroupa Painting John Tormey & Family Peter Carlstrom Wood DesignsCharles Neal Selections  Jeni Jesse Pilates Inbar Sarig, Manual Therapy Rutherfurd Family Elizabeth Carney, Zenheart Loretto Family TPC Harding Park A warm thanks to everyone who participated in the 3rd Annual SF Waldorf School Golf Benefit! It was a perfect day at TPC... Read More

Douglas Gerwin - Tuesday, October 28, 7pm

Hands-Free(d) Learning: Education as a Path Towards Wisdom  Tuesday, October 28, 7pm High School Campus  Free to the community  Education can all too easily become preoccupied with efficiency, productivity, and results. In an effort to prepare students, such results-based approaches treat learning as a means to an end, turning schooling into training and emphasizing information and knowledge at the expense of insight and creativity. We will explore how educators and... Read More

Linda Thomas - Friday, October 24, 7pm

Creating Sacred Spaces so that our children may thrive co-sponsored by Rudolf Steiner College and Lifeways Friday, October 24, 7pm High School Campus  Free to the community Donations gratefully accepted.  Ms. Thomas’s lecture is the opening of a two-day conference on “Spirit and Health in Everyday Life.” Join us also on Saturday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm to learn about Anthroposophic Medicine with Dr. David Gershan and Therapeutic Eurythmy with Maria Helland-Hansen.... Read More

4th Annual Dads Night at the Elks

All dads are invited to join us for our 4th Annual Dads Night at the Elks Club! Parents Michael Nemetz and Rein Ratsep (Elks members) will host the community for spa, swimming, dinner and drinks. This has become a community favorite, as it allows dads of all Waldorf students the opportunity to connect in a casual atmosphere... networking allowed but not required.   Friday, November 14, 20144:00-6:30pm - Spa and Swimming ($10)6:30-8:30pm - Dinner ($30)6:30-11:00pm - Cocktails... Read More

Bonnie Gale - Wednesday, October 22, 7pm

The Potential of Living Willow Structures in the Landscape(and the international movement for living buildings)sponsored by the Outdoor Classroom Committee  Wednesday, October 22, 7pmHigh School Campus Free to the community  Living willow structures (such as gazebos, tunnels, outdoor living rooms) have so much potential in the landscape. Structures are made from long, live (up to 12 feet) willow rods which are pushed into the ground and then woven. These rods then self... Read More

Carnival of Golf: 4th Annual SFWS Golf Benefit

Sunday, September 27, 2015 New Location!Golden Gate Park Golf Course970 47th Avenue, SF 94121 Register Now! This year's Golf Benefit will feature a new format that includes a par-3 competitive tournament in the morning, plus clinics and games for children and beginners. Golf gifts, food and drinks will be provided throughout the day for all who register.  Check-In : 9AMRegistration, Tee Prizes, and Bagels and Coffee Golf Commences: 10AMIndividual Stroke Play EventThe First Tee... Read More

Torin Finser - Monday, September 15, 3pm

A Second Classroom: Parent-Teacher Relationships in a Waldorf School Monday, September 15, 3:15pmLocation: Grade School CampusFree to the Community  RSVP Here What does a healthy, successful school look like? Is it is all about measurable outcomes, test scores, and pass/fail grades set by the government? Can learning be quantified in short-term measurements or does real learning take years to manifest in a career or biography? All seem to agree that a healthy school is also a community and... Read More

"March" with Congressman John Lewis, 9/20, 2pm

The San Francisco Waldorf High School Lecture Series presents: "A Champion for Civil Rights on the Continuing March for Equality" with Congressman John Lewis of Georgia and Andrew Aydin, Congressional Aidemoderated by Adam Hochschild, UC Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism  Saturday, September 20, 2014, 2 PMCalvary Presbyterian Church2515 Fillmore StreetSan Francisco Congressman John Lewis of Georgia is an American icon, one of the key figures of the Civil Rights Movement.  His... Read More
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