Diversity & Inclusion

“The healthy social life is found
When in the mirror of each human soul

The whole community finds its reflection

And when in the community

The strength of each one is living.”

-Rudolf Steiner

The Multicultural Council of San Francisco Waldorf School was founded in May 2007 and is dedicated to fostering education and awareness around diversity and inclusion, to facilitating dialogue around sensitive issues at all levels of the school community, and to overseeing the implementation of actions for multicultural change based on the school’s adopted framework.

The Multicultural Council is a representative body bringing together all the constituencies of the school community: parents, teachers, staff, Administration, College of Teachers and Board of Trustees.

Tasks of the Multicultural Council:

  1. Promoting multicultural awareness and education school-wide through workshops, talks, cultural events and social gatherings;
  2. Providing a space where sensitive issues and questions can be voiced in a spirit of safety and trust;
  3. Facilitating communication between parents, teachers, staff and board through periodic reports, discussions of questions and issues and the continued search for a consensus of values and intentions,
  4. Collaborating actively with Parents Speak and the Faculty and Staff Diversity Committee,
  5. Creating accountability for necessary change.

Parents Speak is an organ for parents and by parents directly connected to SFWS Multicultural Council. Parents Speak offers a forum that can be used by all families to build awareness around their own cultures as well as the culture of the school. How these cultures come together around issues, tasks and celebrations requires awareness and an openness. The willingness to enter this dialogue helps promote the mission of SFWS and define the experience of inclusion.

The Parents Circle’s process stresses appreciation of different identities and cultures and how these differences impact social and personal experience. These identities and cultures include but are not limited to- ethnicity and nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation and learning style and ability. Membership in Parents Speak is open to all SFWS parents and is co-chaired by parent representatives of the Multicultural Council.

Among the activities sponsored by the Multicultural Council are storyteller Anita Jones Roehrick (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day), year-long diversity training for entire school community with Edmundo Norte, faculty and staff work with diversity educator Alison Park, and the institution, beginning in 2010, of an annual World Café.

For more information, please email: multiculturalcouncil@sfwaldorf.org