Parent Education

Parent EducationSan Francisco Waldorf School provides meaningful parent education that helps parents understand the growth and development of their children, from classes for new parents to lectures by some of the great educational minds of our day. Through the parent education program, SFWS makes available to the community a variety of speakers that discuss a wide range of child development topics.

Class Meetings: Held by individual teachers throughout the year, class meetings are a way that the faculty can educate and guide parents more directly by discussing the current developmental stage of their student.

Parent Council and Parent Association sponsored lectures and workshops

SFWS Lectures and Workshops: These lectures and workshops, held at both the grade school and the high school, feature speakers working with various topics in child development and education.  Most often, these cover timely topics that are generated through parent feedback and questions.

Early Childhood Parenting Program: For parents of very young children, this program welcomes new families into our community.

High School Lecture Series: In past few years we have hosted a number of important educational thinkers including Daniel Pink, Michael Krasny, and Lewis Lapham.