High School Student Mentor

.6 to .8 FTE Position 

The Student Mentor acts as a resource to support students as they journey through four years of high school education during their adolescent years. He/she acts as a resource for students in developing positive self-esteem, helps students identify behavior patterns that may hinder their success, and is an adult guide to assist students in learning to make healthy choices that unfold their full potential. One of the main objectives of the Student Mentor is to help the students identify their inner moral compasses. The Student Mentor also organizes meetings with students, parents and faculty regarding student behavior outside the norm of acceptability. He/she refers students and families to outside counselors when on-going counseling is called for.

Qualifications of the Student Mentor

The Student Mentor will have a vision of the direction education must take in order to speak meaningfully to the teenager of today and a developmental understanding of the adolescent. The ability to teach a high school class will be considered as this gives the mentor a way to get to know students in the classroom.

The Student Mentor must have experience in anthroposophy and Waldorf education, especially upper grades/high school, and extensive experience supporting adolescents navigating the sometimes difficult transitions through high school. Specific training and experience with drug and alcohol education preferred. A Bachelor’s Degree is required, and a Master’s Degree, MFT license and/or PPS credential is preferred. Excellent organizational and communication skills are a must. Qualified candidates who do not have anthroposophical experience will be asked to attend courses toward a full Waldorf teacher training by the end of the first year.

Responsibilities of the Student Mentor

  • 9th Grade: Attend the Spring orientation for the incoming freshman and supports them as they transition into high school; orientation team member at the beginning of school; support Class Sponsors by working with the class and help lead their trip/s along with the Outdoor Educator.
  • Attend student and parent class meetings as needed to present or listen regarding social/emotional issues. Organize parent evenings as necessary, and help bring in outside speakers.
  • Support the Health Class (9th through 11th grade) and assist in evaluating the Health Class curriculum.  Maintain health board and responsibility for school wide social/emotional consciousness.
  • Member of the Individualized Learning Committee (ILC); attend weekly ILC meetings to discuss students with learning differences; bring student of concerns to the faculty.
  • Facilitate or attend meetings with students and parents regarding behavior / learning needs as needed. Attend Academic and Behavior Probation meetings and document any meetings with students and parents or students and teachers.
  • Manage crises for student situations; contact CPS; deal with outside professionals who are working with our students such as therapists, medical doctors, psychiatrists and social workers.
  • Support the 12th grade in their exiting process through graduation, including co-teaching the Senior Seminar Class.
  • Recruit, train and support the Student Peer Education program all year.
  • Act as Kitch Scholar Coordinator: The school offers 3-4 full scholarships each year to increase diversity within the student body. The Kitch Scholar students are often in outside support programs such as SMART, A Better Chance, etc and the School Mentor acts as the liaison. In addition, if needed, the Mentor coordinates with families, CPS, foster families, social workers, Child Advocates, lawyers etc. on behalf of the school and the scholars. The Student Mentor may be the academic advisor for most or all Kitch Scholars.

Please submit a letter of interest with your resume and references to jobs@sfwaldorf.org.