Torin Finser - Monday, September 15, 3pm

A Second Classroom:
Parent-Teacher Relationships in a Waldorf School

Monday, September 15, 3:15pm
Location: Grade School Campus
Free to the Community 


What does a healthy, successful school look like? Is it is all about measurable outcomes, test scores, and pass/fail grades set by the government? Can learning be quantified in short-term measurements or does real learning take years to manifest in a career or biography? All seem to agree that a healthy school is also a community and that community depends on the quality of relationships-chiefly the relationships among students, teachers, and parents. Torin Finser will provide a comprehensive examination of the parent-teacher relationship in all its dimensions, from parent evenings and conferences to communication, conflict, and the life-cycle of parent involvement in their school. A Second Classroom is intended to stimulate conversation, self-reflection and relational practices that awaken community life in and around our schools.

Torin Finser, Antioch University professor and national expert in Waldorf education,is the author of A Second Classroom: Parent-Teacher Relationships in a Waldorf School. Dr. Finser is Chair of the Education Department of Antioch University New England and founding member of the Center for Anthroposophy in Wilton, NH. He has been an educator for three decades and has served as an organizational consultant for a variety of schools. Dr. Finser serves as General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in America. He has written a number of books, including Silence Is Complicity: A Call to Let Teachers Improve Our Schools through Action Research—Not NCLB (2007); Organizational Integrity: How to Apply the Wisdom of the Body to Develop Healthy Organizations (2007); In Search of Ethical Leadership: If Not Now, When? (2003); School Renewal: A Spiritual Journey for Change (2001); and School as a Journey: The Eight-Year Odyssey of a Waldorf Teacher and His Class (1994), which has been translated into Thai, Korean, and Chinese. 

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