Grades 1 - 8 Admissions Process

Our primary points of entry are nursery and kindergarten. Space permitting, we also offer year-round rolling admissions for select grades. Please contact Lori Grey, Enrollment Director, at or (415) 875-7202 for more information.

Parents/Guardians of grade school applicants may:

  • Attend a tour and/or open house during our tour season which runs from October through December (private tours may be scheduled after the group tours end).
  • After consultation with the Enrollment Director, submit an online application and a non-refundable $75 application fee
  • For grade 1: Please sign and give the Confidential Student Evaluation form* to your child’s current teacher.
  • For grades 2 - 8: Please sign two Common Confidential Student Evaluation forms* and give one to your child’s math teacher and one to their English teacher.
  • Sign and give the Request for Student Transcripts* to your child’s current school.

*Evaluations and transcripts will be mailed from the current or previous school directly to SFWS.

When the tour has been completed; the application and academic records received, the application is considered complete.

If the class teacher, in consultation with the admissions committee, would like to move forward with the application, you will be contacted by the admissions office to schedule an interview. For grades 2-8, arrangements for a full 3-day class visit may be made at the time of the interview.

Decision letters will be mailed on March 11, 2015.