Dress Code (required!)

For a safe and comfortable circus education experience, we require the following for class:

TOPS - Tops should be fitted or long enough to be tucked in if necessary. We will be going headstands, tumbling, partner balance and aerial inversions. Long or short sleeves are fine. Any simple style and color, avoid logos. 

BOTTOMS - No skirts without shorts, and jeans or other pants with zippers/metal buttons/thick belt loops should be avoided on circus day as these can be dangerous for skin and mats during tumbling activities. Sweat pants, leggings, or yoga pants are ideal. Tights with feet should also be avoided.

ATHLETIC SHOES AND SOCKS - Secure, sturdy shoes with laces, velcro, or bungee closures. Can be running shoes or cross trainers. No Crocs, UGGS, or other slip on shoes.

UNDERGARMENTS - Girls should consider a good sports bra and boys should consider boxer briefs, which give support in physical activities. 

HAIR - Long hair must be held back securely out of the face.

JEWELRY - must be removed before class. No watches, necklaces, long earrings, sharp rings, etc. during class for everyone's safety.

PREPARED - Students must be dressed appropriately and ready at the beginning of class time.