Children need to move their whole bodies!  The majority of toys and furnishings in the Nursery Program are those that encourage large scale activity and imaginative play.  

The young child’s desire to move, as well as to help out, is satisfied by creating an environment and rhythm in which the children can freely create and explore, following their interests as well as help set the table, pour tea for their friends at snack time, fold their painting apron, or clear and wash their own soup bowl.  

Fine motor and artistic expression are encouraged through watercolor painting, craft and cooking activities, as well as through free play with open-ended toys which allow the child to be the architect of their play, building creatvity and confidence.

Children begin to control and enliven their movements through accompanying gestures for songs and poems – a tree is not just a tree, it is arms outstretched above one’s head.  Singing is a daily joy, with songs used to guide transitions and celebrate the seasons. Eurythmy, a holistic movement activity, is offered weekly.

We walk and play outdoors together every day, rain or shine; the children first walk while holding hands, then move freely while enjoying the wonders of the world around them.  They climb trees, roll down grassy hills, dig in the dirt, build forts with their hands, and engage deeply with their peers and nature itself.

For more information about joining the Nursery Program please visit our Nursery Program admissions page.