Because we recognize the importance of play for healthy development, our nursery program provides gentle guidance to encourage the natural expression of the young child’s imagination and support their growth in the social-emotional realm.  

Trained Waldorf early childhood teachers create a nursery room and outdoor experience that provide a safe and loving environment for the work of childhood, which is play.  With simple materials, such as logs and stumps, stones and shells, cloths and play stands, the children build and explore.  Stories, puppet shows, songs, and games inspire and support the children's play, as does guidance from the teachers in social and emotional development.  

In the course of their play their growth in all areas is stimulated – physically, emotionally and socially, mentally and spiritually.  Play is the way children practice being in the world, how they test ideas, solve problems, and find enjoyment.  It lays a foundation for creative and lively thinking in the adolescent and adult and stimulates an interest for all aspects of life, which can then be cultivated through later academic studies.

For more information about joining the Nursery Program please visit our Nursery Program admissions page.