Work & Play Classes

Puppenstube dollWork and Play classes are for parents/caregivers who have completed an Observation class and wish to deepen their exploration of Waldorf early childhood principles and practices.  They provide an opportunity for continued personal growth through our established practice of quiet observation of the children at play with the additional activity of inspired domestic and artistic work or observation and exploration in nature.  Classes are mixed ages.

Adults can learn knitting, sewing and other soft crafts as they make seasonal decorations, useful objects or simple toys, as well as cook and bake together with their child in a mood of joyful, healthy work and creativity.  Children are given the freedom to imitate the adults’ motions at work; parents/guardians learn how to include and guide them.

Nature classes support families who wish to be outdoors with their children and offer special readings and discussion on parenting, child development and deepening our connections with the natural world.  Families sit together on blankets in a large circle, on the beach or in a forest, sharing songs from the folk tradition and the world of flowers, animals, and the seasons.  A warm organic snack and herbal tea are provided at the end of class and a beautiful community feeling develops which extends well beyond our class time.

Knitting in Nature

Simple rituals such as a candle and blessing at a meal are shared and experienced in class, as are the security and comfort the children find in the consistent rhythm and routine of our class activities.  A warm snack is provided and sometimes prepared together in all of our Work and Play classes.  Work and Play classes held at our grade school also include outdoor playtime. Time is given each week to a discussion of topics designed to inspire reflection and nourish family life.

Work and Play classes create a special bridge between families and our school community.  Participants are encouraged to enjoy and support school events such as our annual Winter Fair festival and Spring Night auction, Eurythmy performances and puppet shows, as well as receive our weekly and monthly SFWS newsletter and attend our public lectures and other special events.