Fairy Walk - Thank You!

Thank you to all who participated in the Fairy Walk this year!

Photos from this year’s fairy walk are at http://bit.ly/18jVi1T

A heartfelt thank you to our fearless Co-Chairs Mari DiNardo and Candace Tam; our steadfast team leaders Paul Sabharwal, Kevin Rowney, Monique Duncan, Heidi Ostroff, Stephanie Lum, John Hoffsis, Therese Tuttle, Krista Loretto, Amber Isaacs, Michele Hoalduc Nguyen, Justin Ganz and Divo Brevik; and our generous donors Paul and Carina Sabharwal and Mary and Joseph Manzare. Parent Volunteers: Yoriko Yamamoto, Marc Ojanen, Aneta Goldman, Jennifer Hoban, Andrew Chacko, Brian Hennessey, Stephanie Mueller, Terry Pelka, Christie Every, Janet Stone, Doc Sabharwal, Caihong Zhou, Melinda Scully, Mauricio Trabuco, James Munden, Babak Behnia, Ghita Harris-Newton, Marshall White, Sabrina Nouri Moosa, Jonathan Drum,Terry Pelka, Allison Carroll, Jodi Jirsa, Flora Ojanen, Katja Radke, Takeshi Ito, Joanna Fugalli-Frost, Carolyn Gereau, Cynthia Randolph, Grace Kim, Maryam Ghajar, Jeneal Johns, Manami Ito, Anna Kourepis, Laura Hudgens, Annalisa Chasen, Mena Trott Lazar, Robert Tachoires, Shima Noori, Joseph Lugar, Lucy Goodhart, Ari Salomon, Yoriko Yamamoto, Peter Campbell, Orrin Ailloni-Charas, Ged Goodhart, Julia Sterling, Dennis Busenitz and anyone whose name does not appear here but graciously helped out, including our many wonderful students from both the grade school and high school.