A Kindergarten Day

The kindergarten day flows between structured “in-breathing” activities and looser “out-breathing” activities. This balanced “breathing” of activity creates an environment of clear expectations and familiar pace. Through this rhythmic activity, the children's focus and attention span are given the opportunity to exercise and strengthen.

In keeping with this rhythm, a kindergarten day begins upon arrival, when the children sheds their outdoor ware for indoor dress and slippers. The child quietly takes his bearings, finds her friends, and gently plays in preparation for the day.

To officialy begin the day, the children are called into a circle. Circle time is a rich mix of songs, imaginations, poems, games and finger-games and is often seasonal in nature.

After circle time, the class moves either moves directly into free play or the activity of the day which is then followed with free play. An hour later the children are called back together for a light fruit snack. After snack, it is time to tidy the room and everything that has come out goes back to its proper place.

We then share a brief interlude of rest before story time. The teacher tells the story from memory, and the same story is usually told for a week or two. After story we gather together for our warm snack of the day. A blessing is shared, and on finishing eating, we head outside for another hour of free play.

On returning indoors, we wash up and prepare for lunch. Another blessing is shared, and after eating lunch together, some children prepare to return home, while others go to the kindergarten After Care program.