Track Classes

After the morning Main Lesson, the students’ day continues with track classes that are taught continuously throughout the year. Taught by faculty who are specialists in their respective fields, these classes are designed to broaden students’ cultural, social, and practical skills and capacities. These classes include:

Foreign Languages
Two languages, Spanish and Mandarin, are taught from the first through the eighth grade.
Vocal music is part of the students’ daily life at school and everyone learns to play the recorder beginning in first grade. Each child is encouraged to learn a second instrument beginning in the third grade. By the fifth grade each class has its own orchestra. 
Eurythmy is a performing art of movement that incorporates music and speech.  It can also have educational and theraputic applications.
The practice of painting carries the children through the grades from the initial experiences of color in kindergarten to a rich understanding of visual complexities in the middle school years.
Practical Arts
Handwork begins in kindergarten and continues to grow in sophistication through the grades, from knitting to designing and making clothing. Woodworking is added in the fifth grade. Students learn about the quality of wood while working on designing and carving skills.
Games and Gym
Throughout grade school, regular games and gym classes allow students to cultivate their movement and later athletic skills.  These classes prepare them in a developmentally appropriate way for the comprehensive athletic program in the upper grades and high school. 
Middle School Math
Math is added as a track class in addition to continuing Main Lesson blocks in middle School. This allows for the continuity of learning required for high school math readiness.