Middle School Math

The Grade 6 student stands at the threshold of a new world, the world of abstract thinking. Whereas the child’s forces of willing predominated in the Kindergarten and in the early grades, and the world of feeling reigned supreme in grades 4 and 5, in the middle school years the student needs a new approach to Mathematics. This approach focuses on the budding thinking forces while simultaneously providing rich food for the feeling life and many opportunities to overcome difficulties. Our goal in these upper grades is to help the students develop their full capacities as human beings who can think clearly, find joy and satisfaction in lifelong learning and proudly overcome challenges.

In recent years, we have focused on strengthening and broadening the Mathematics curriculum in the middle school years. We now have a Mathematics specialist who teaches the weekly “track” classes for Grades 6, 7 and 8. She also collaborates with the class teachers in the planning and teaching of the Math and Geometry Main Lesson blocks. Math club and Breakfast Math are offered by the Mathematics teacher to round out our offerings in the upper grades Math world. The specialist brings a high level of expertise and skill in Mathematics which inspires the students and helps them learn to stretch their “Math muscles” at a critical time in their lives, a time when they are forming new images of who they are and of who they want to become.