Curriculum by Department

SFWHS’s curriculum is a comprehensive course of study grounded in the classics, but engaging the modern world. Our academic courses expose students to the great ideas of humankind, the events that shaped civilizations, the beauty of mathematics, the power of the arts, and the phenomena of the natural world. Teaching in the high school emphasizes students’ direct engagement with the subject matter, whether through carefully observing an experiment in physics before studying its theoretical basis, reading primary sources in humanities rather than textbooks, or working directly with a variety of artistic media. In these ways, the learning experience literally comes alive in each subject.

By offering a wide variety of subjects, Waldorf students have the opportunity to discover their own unique strengths and talents, giving them the self-confidence to succeed in all areas of their education. Graduates of SFWHS will have completed a course of study that exceeds the admissions standards for the University of California system.

Approximate yearly equivalents by subject for our graduates are:

  • 4 years English
  • 4 years Art & Music
  • 3 years Mathematics
  • 4 years Physical Education
  • 3 years Foreign Language (Spanish or Mandarin)
  • 3 years Science (Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)
  • 4 years History (2 World, 1 US and Civics, 1 Cultural Studies)
  • 1 year of Aesthetics (Art History, Poetics, Music History, & Architecture)

Click here for a 2012-2013 Course Catalog.