Music has a special place in the world of the arts because it has no counterpart in the material or physical world. Whereas a painting or sculpture is composed of physical matter out of the realm of thoughts and feelings, music exists independent of the material world. Joy in music-making is the heritage of all human beings and the high school student has an intrinsic feeling for this truth. The student experiences music as a coming home and as an acknowledgement of uniquely human capacities and longings.


Every student in the San Francisco Waldorf High School enjoys two periods of music every week. These classes offer an intense and individual focus in a particular area of music, including Orchestra, Chamber Choir, African Drumming, Guitar Ensemble, or Eurythmy Performance. A non‐performing survey course in World Music is also offered. The musical electives foster both individual expression and social well‐being in a small, intimate setting.

The overall goal of the music program is to fill the students and the school with the joy of music while we underscore the importance of dedication and discipline to music as an art. The primary strength of the music program is the variety of performing ensembles. Students are highly likely to find a group that will fulfill their needs for musical expression. Each instructor has a strong expertise in his/her field.