Physical Education

A Healthy, Lifelong Relationship to Movement

The school's comprehensive approach gives students many opportunities to explore individual movement, learn skills in sports, be part of a team, and take on challenges in the outdoors. The program includes three distinct areas:

Ninth and tenth graders participate in physical education blocks by class. They participate in dance instruction and sports such as soccer, volleyball, a basketball. These classes emphasize skill development and agility in a cooperative atmosphere.

Eleventh and twelfth graders choose among physical education electives. These may include sports or outdoor classes such as backpacking,climbing, hiking, kayaking, and sailing. Some classes taught in conjunction with Bay Area organizations such as Mission Cliffs (indoor climbing), Sea Trek (sea kayaking), Call of the Sea (sailing), and the Saint Francis Yacht Club (sailing).

Through the years, students develop an appreciation for movement and an affinity for a particular activity that can be independently sustained.

In addition to the physical education curriculum, the school has a thriving Athletics Program with varsity teams in volleyball, basketball, baseball, cross country, soccer, and sailing.

Movement and Academics

Somewhat unique to Waldorf education are opportunities for kinesthetic learning of the curriculum at hand. Take for example, the tenth grade Classical World block. Students combine their classroom study of the The Odyssey and Ancient Greece with practice in discus, shot put, javelin, and Grecco-Roman wrestling. Students of Pacific Rim explore Shinto ceremony and rituals and the origins and movement of sumo wrestling.

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