Educational Support

San Francisco Waldorf High School provides comprehensive educational support through the Individualized Learning Committee (ILC). The goal of the ILC is to provide the support a student needs to succeed in high school. Through all encounters, the ILC encourages these students to become their own advocates. By the end of twelfth grade, the school hopes to send them out into the world, prepared not only to undertake the academic challenges that await them but also to encounter the social challenges with a confidence grounded in experiences of success. 

In order to address the needs of students with different learning styles, the ILC concerns itself with the following broad areas: assessments, accommodations, teacher support, parent communication, and program enrichment.

The ILC supports the work of teachers, parents and students in a multi-tiered attempt to accommodate the learning styles of all enrolled students within the framework of Waldorf principles, applicable pedagogical techniques and legal requirements. The ILC coordinates and oversees all educational consulting and remedial activity offered by the high school. This consulting includes the work of educational therapists, psychologists, independent tutors/tutorial services, medical doctors, Extra Lesson practitioners, artistic therapists and eurythmists. 

Currently, the ILC includes faculty members Paige Whiteside, school counselor/mentor; Beth Allingham, educational support coordinator; Maria Helland-Hansen, therapeutic eurythmist; Gabrielle Chernis, the school’s learning specialist consultant and Jessica Eicher, HS Chair.