Exchange Program

For students learning a foreign language, a linguistic and cultural immersion opens the door to first-hand, authentic experiences beyond what the traditional classroom setting can provide. Study abroad affords you the opportunity to travel, make new friends, and expand your worldview. Most importantly, a study abroad experience helps you to learn about yourself. Students who study abroad return home with new ideas and perspectives about themselves and their own culture.

Students who participate in a 1-3 month exchange live with a “brother/sister” host in a foreign country, and host that same student in his/her home country at a later date (or vice versa). The families participating in the exchange determine the order of travel based on personal preference and school schedules. Exchange students are expected to attend classes, school functions, family activities, etc. with their “brother/sister” host.

Due to the demands of the Waldorf curriculum, our students are expected to return after a period not longer than three months. Because of the reciprocal nature of the direct exchange program, the foreign student’s stay here should also not exceed this three-month timeframe.

This program is designed for direct exchanges within the international Waldorf school system and the families who make the commitment to host students from abroad. Neither student will have to pay additional tuition fees nor living expenses (beyond pocket money) while away from home.