Our high school librarian, Mary Anne McGill joined SFWHS six years ago and brings a wealth of experience to the High School Library.  She has worked at public, corporate, and academic libraries including the San Francisco Public Library, the Electric Power Research Institute and U.C. Hastings College of the Law.  For eleven years, she managed the library for the World Affairs Council of Northern California where her job included planning and producing a weekly "Meet the Author" program for NPR.   Ms. McGill has a BA in History and Classical Studies from Rhode Island College and a master's degree in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University.

Ms. McGill actively supports the students in their quest for knowledge and gaining an understanding and awareness of the larger world around them.  To this effect, she not only guides them in finding research materials in the stacks or online, she also pushes them to consider “who else is asking similar research questions, where are they sharing or publishing their findings, and how does one evaluate the authority of sources.”   One of her primary goals is to help students feel confident with all stages of the library research process. She sees her role as “assisting and inspiring students to discover the truth about subjects that intrigue them.”

In addition to the traditional work of a librarian, Mary Anne also brings incredible resources to bear through her High School Lecture Series. Utilizing her connections from the World Affairs Council and other professional associations, she is able to bring renowned writers and thinkers to All School Meetings and special assemblies throughout the school year.  This allows the students to interact with and question some of the great minds of today.