Eurythmy Troupe

The San Francisco Youth Eurythmy Troupe, a eurythmy elective for grades ten through twelve, began in 1995 at the request of a number of San Francisco Waldorf High School eighth‐grade graduates who wished to continue their work in eurythmy as a performing art. For two years it was entirely extracurricular, with a mixture of students from SFWHS and other schools. As our own high school grew, the troupe was limited to students in our high school. It is presented as an elective for tenth through twelfth grade students alongside various music groups, and meets two times per week in class, and once a week after school.

The troupe works toward the performance of a major public program every year. Each program includes a wide variety of pieces. In speech eurythmy, a tale, humoresques, and poems featuring large and small groups and duos and solos are performed in different languages and styles; tone pieces include a large group orchestral piece, smaller group pieces, and solos. The students are taught advanced eurythmy elements, such as expression, soul gestures, tones and intervals, as well as techniques of stage preparation and performance.

The troupe has presented a full program of artistic eurythmy annually for the past thirteen years at the Cowell Theater at Fort Mason and has had several opportunities to tour, performing at other schools, teacher and youth conferences, and in public venues in the Bay Area, New York, Texas, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Italy, Egypt, India, China, and New Zealand. The troupe maintains a high standard of commitment and artistic work, and presents a public face both of eurythmy and the SFWHS.

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