Community Service

Please use this form to document your community service hours:
Community Service Sign-Off Form

The high school encourages students to become citizens who step out into the world and offer volunteer services in their community and beyond.  The skills and willingness needed to become responsible citizens are cultivated through a three-part Student Service Learning Program.  The program requires students to spend at least 80 hours over four years (20 hours each year) volunteering in community organizations or agencies during seven Student Service Days designated each year.  In-School service is offered by each student’s commitment to projects sponsored by faculty and staff during the year. 

Service learning projects endeavor to accomplish the following goals:

  • Meet community needs
  • Create a collaboration between school and community
  • Incorporate significant input from students
  • Integrate with each student’s academic curriculum
  • Create a structure that allows time to think, talk, and write about the service activity
  • Foster the development of a sense of concern for others
  • Include an evaluation by everyone involved: students, teachers, community agency

Service In the Community
Seven Student Service Days are designated during the academic year.  While faculty and staff do in-service work, planning and grading, students will use these days to work with an organization of their choice.  The Student Service Program Coordinator together with the Student council will work with students to identify an agency that is an appropriate fit for them, and by the end of September, each student will contact the organization of their choice and schedule his/her commitments in the community for these Service Days.

Our most important goal is to help students identify the right organization for them.  We want their service in the community to be meaningful and rewarding.  Volunteering is an opportunity for personal growth, and although it may not require any special prior experience, it represents our willingness to help others.