Health & Counseling

The High School Mentor supports students’ emotional well-being and overall progress in school. This individual guides students in making healthy choices and helps identify behavior patterns that may hinder their success. Services include high school orientation, individual and small group counseling, and facilitation of support among parents, faculty, and others as needed.

High School Mentor Paige Whiteside is available for appointments Monday through Friday. Contact: or 415-213-6124.

Today’s adolescent faces pressures and challenges that require thoughtful navigating. The school’s health curriculum provides information and tools students need to moves consciously and safely through the high school years. The blocks evolve through the grades as content becomes increasingly specific. Twelfth graders may participate in the peer counseling program.

Ninth Grade Health Block.
This block covers topics of adolescent concerns such as sex education, drugs and alcohol, social media, relationships, mental health, and stress management. Teachers and students discuss emotional intelligence, moral integrity, and how to choose a healthy lifestyle. The format is conversational and the atmosphere open and respectful. Outside professionals may speak to the class.

Tenth Grade Health Block.
The tenth grade health block covers basic nutritional information and studentsdiscuss diet and healthy lifestyle choices. The class also touches on issues of social media, consent, and drug/alcohol use. Once again, outside professionals with expertise in specific topics may visit the class.

Eleventh Grade Health Block.
The eleventh grade health block builds on issues introduced in ninth and tenth grades by examining healthy versus unhealthy relationships and how to stay in touch with individual needs and values. Students are encouraged to take care of themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Mindfulness and stress management techniques are an important part of this block.

Twelfth Grade Peer Counseling.
In twelfth grade, students have the opportunity to become Peer Counselors, with approval of the High School Mentor. Peer Counselors meet at least once a month throughout the year to develop listening skills. Peer Counselors are paired with several ninth graders, meeting throughout the year to help these younger students transition to High School.