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Martina Brimmer (Class of 2001), Small Business Owner

“My name is Martina and I am the owner of Swift Industries. And I am also the janitor and the bookkeeper. And I am a sewer. I am the person who runs errands and drops off deliveries… along with everyone that I work with.”  This begins the story (as told on of how Martina Brimmer and her husband Jason turned their passion for bicycle touring and admiration for high quality handcrafts into a successful small business making bicycle panniers and touring bags. Swift... Read More

Dr. Johanna Steegmans: Strengthening Life Forces in the Age of Technology - March 25, 7pm

Eurythmy Room, High School Campus Free to the community What are the essential ingredients to a healthy, vital family lifestyle? Dr. Steegmans will speak about cultivating and nurturing vitality, enthusiasm, and interest in life, learning and relationships in our modern world full of technology. Living a life in balance is essential to our future: ecologically, economically, and socially. How do we reconcile convenience, necessity, and freedom? How can we resolve to strengthen our vitality... Read More

Christof Wiechert: Loving Authority - Monday, March 17, 7pm

Dakin Hall, Grade School Campus Free to the community  How do we hold ourselves as parents? Christof Wiechert, a world-renowned Waldorf educator, will talk with us about the importance of developing the practice of loving authority as parents. Reminding us that it is not our job as parents to be our children’s peers or friends, he will talk about the importance of not overwhelming our children with the responsibility of too much choice. Christof will give us insights into the inner work as... Read More

Grade School Foreign Language Program

We live in a vibrant, linguistically rich, globally connected metropolis where parents value foreign language instruction for their grade school-age children. They may recognize that with language acquisition comes cultural understanding, flexibility in thinking, and clarity of expression in both native and new languages. Foreign language instruction can also strengthen comprehension in seemingly nonrelated subject areas like mathematics. At SFWS, students gain a strong foreign language... Read More

Teaching World Languages

Language learning in a Waldorf high school is an experience which nourishes head, heart, and hand.  During a typical lesson, Waldorf students engage in one or more real world activities -- conversing with their peers in the target language, interpreting music, illustrating a poem, reading news articles, comics, tweets, short stories, folk tales, plays or classics of literature -- and deepen their connection with the universal human condition.  Engagement with authentic resources,... Read More

Dilys Sun, SFWHS Class of 2006, Technology Consultant

Dilys Sun, SFWHS Class of 2006, was one of the first high school students to join our high school directly from China. Since graduating she has received a bachelor’s degree from Stanford in economics, worked for Deloitte Consulting as a technology consultant, learned to code through Codeacademy, a YCombinator-backed technical startup, and joined Airpair, a technical start-up as a Content Manager.   Although Dilys was initially nervous about studying at Stanford, she quickly found that... Read More

Grandparents and Special Friends Day 2014

Join your favorite students to explore the curriculum and experience their school. High School (9-12) Friday, April 4 - 9:15 am to 11:30 am 470 West Portal (parking at school) Grade School (K-8)Friday, April 11 - 9:30 am to 12:30 pm2938 Washington Street (valet parking) Please RSVP by March 28415.875.7212 or using the form below Fill out my online form. // Read More

World Café: Movie Night - "Cracking the Codes"

How To Deepen The Conversation On Race sponsored by the SFWS Multicultural Council  Saturday, March 8, 2014, 6:00pm to 9:30pm Evening Schedule:6:00 - 7:00 Hosted dinner and music7:00 - 9:30 The World Café - Movie and conversation At San Francisco Waldorf High School 470 West Portal Avenue San Francisco, CA 94127 Bring your curiosity to learn more about who we are as individuals and how we can create a greater sense of inclusive community. The World Café is an intentional, conversational... Read More

Town Hall 2014

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2014 Town Hall Meeting. Please click here for a pdf of the PowerPoint slides. Read More

Join the San Francisco Waldorf Ambassador Program

Our parent and alumni community is instrumental in getting the word out about the exceptional education offered at San Francisco Waldorf School and High School. In fact, the vast majority of our current families discovered our school by word of mouth through personal relationships. You can help spread the word by joining our Ambassadors Program. Created a year ago, this program is designed to empower people as they talk about our school to their friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.... Read More

A Culture of Gifting

There are three indications of real generosity: To remain steadfast without resisting, To praise without the emotion of generosity, And, to give before being asked. —Maaruf Karkhi  There is no community without gift and gifting. The acts themselves may not be visible, they may not have names, they may elude materiality, and yet, we depend on them for our very existence as givers and receivers. Warmth, recognition, love, care, and sometimes money—these are the bearers of... Read More

Dorian Jamal Cool (Class of 1995), International Law

Dorian Jamal Cool (Grade School Class of 1995) recently graduated from law school at University of San Francisco, where he qualified for the honors International and Comparative Law certificate. Jamal is particularly passionate about international criminal law in the context of societies transitioning from mass atrocity events, and looks forward to a career in both litigation and policy formation in this rapidly evolving legal area.  Jamal returned to law school in his mid-twenties after... Read More

Thoughts On Giving

by Jeanette Cool, Alumni Parent and Executive Director of The Sam Mazza Foundation  The word ‘philanthropy’ unfolds into a simple and beautiful definition — the love of people — and yet that love that requires an action: giving, helping, easing, improving, and creating.  As a child growing up on a farm in very rural Nebraska, “philanthropy” was all around my family — sharing garden produce with others; bringing labor to a fellow farmer who had fallen ill, helping a family less... Read More

Room to Grow: The Architecture and Design of School Spaces

By Laurence Jaquet and Kim Hopper At San Francisco Waldorf School, the built environment — our buildings, classrooms, and outdoors spaces — is a reflection of our character, community, and curriculum. Each of these spaces, from the nursery through the high school, is designed to support students in their education and their growth, just like the subject material and the teaching approach.  The interior classrooms of the early years are homelike and compact in scale. Active nursery and... Read More

Making a Case for an Endowment

In today’s ever-changing economic environment, the fiscal health of any organization has never been more important. Many in our community understand the critical role of Annual Fund and fundraising events to provide income that ensures the quality of our educational programs and daily operations.  While these provide funding for SFWS on a yearly basis, there is a significant need to ensure the long-term financial stability of the school. This source is called an endowment. Gifts to an... Read More

Family Folk Dance - Saturday, February 8th

All School Community Event Saturday, February 8th, 2014with Live Music & Dancing with Caller Erik Hoffman & Erik Thor and Hands Four San Francisco Waldorf Grade SchoolDakin Hall2938 Washington Street 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm Pre-Dance Musical Jam.  Bring your acoustic instrument and warm-up with the band! 6:00 - 8:30 pm Winter Dance in the Dakin Hall. Learn contra, square and circle dances with dance caller Erik Hoffman. Erik is known for his jovial and... Read More

Announcing Dr. Caleb Buckley as Administrative Director

Dear Parents and Friends of SFWS,I am pleased to announce that the San Francisco Waldorf School Board of Trustees, in collaboration with the College of Teachers, has appointed Dr. Caleb Buckley as Administrative Director. For the past 10 years, Caleb has served as the Director of the Yuba River Charter School, a Waldorf-inspired school in Nevada City, CA. Dr. Buckley also co-founded, and was a history teacher at the Austin Waldorf High School in Austin, TX, where he served as a member of the... Read More

Waldorf and College: Interview with Andre Amarotico (Class of 2012)

by a 10th Grade Parent As our 10th grader begins thinking a bit about college, including the possibility of choosing a competitive university, I began to wonder what it would actually be like for her to attend one coming from a Waldorf education. I’ve enjoyed reading various alumni interviews that touched on life in college and beyond, so when I ran into 2012 SFWHS grad Andre Amarotico I asked if he would share his impressions after his freshman year at Stanford. He graciously agreed. After... Read More

The Season of Light

We all felt like summer might never end! There were plenty of warm, October days, and even into November there were weekends that just begged to be spent outdoors, soaking up the sun. With the time change, and the preparations and passing of Halloween and Day of the Dead, I started noticing all of the lights in the windows and ads and decorations in the stores, and realized that yes, the holiday season is coming toward us, faster than ever. I pulled out my phone and reminded myself to get... Read More

SFWS Harvest Family Dance- Enriching the Spirit of Community

This year's all school Harvest celebration - a "Harvest Family Dance & Dinner" held on Saturday, November 9th at the GS, drew a full house with ages ranging from 2 to 80+. Young children, teenagers, parents, teachers, and grandparents came together. Harvest themes of pumpkins and squash, hay bales with wheelbarrows, and maple leaves, along with live traditional music, transformed Dakin Hall into Dakin "Barn" for the evening. The festivities began with an 8th grade fundraiser - a delicious... Read More
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