Strategic Plan

The Board of Trustees and College of Teachers launched the Strategic Planning process in 2009 in order to publicly articulate the school’s long term ambitions and to more efficiently and effectively guide SFWS into the next decade of the 21st century.

Feedback from a wide segment of the community has been essential for assembling a plan that lays out the direction we desire for our school—and thus our students—going forward. The Strategic Plan committees held two public input sessions and conducted an online public survey in 2009-2010 to explore community members’ ideas about major issues facing the school over the next ten years. Following that work, members of the Board of Trustees, College of Teachers, Administration, and parent community collaborated on a final Strategic Plan.

The Board, College, and Administration adopt this Strategic Plan, which will complement our WASC and AWSNA accreditation processes, with the intention and understanding that current and future leaders will use it to guide the vision of the school over the next ten years. This guidance will include the development of a detailed action plan to specify the long-term (10 year) vision and medium term (3-5 year) goals, as well as an annual review and evaluation of the plan’s overall progress. The Board may also call on the College and Administration to undertake more extensive evaluation of the plan, or even revisit and modify aspects of it, as circumstances dictate in the future.

Readers of the plan should note that the 2020 “vision” summaries and statements correspond with what the governing spheres agree are the school’s 10 year (2020) strategies, with subheadings as “directional signposts” for each topic. “Goals” are the more immediate 3-5 year aims for achieving these visions.

We are grateful to the large number of our constituents who contributed to this plan, and we look forward to working with the larger community to see our vision realized through 2020.