Alumni Profiles

San Francisco Waldorf School is proud to profile alumni in the Monthly Newsletter, as our alumni are starting businesses, winning awards, doing research, travelling, and enjoying careers.

February 2014:
Dilys Sun (HS Class of 2006)

January 2014:
Dorian Jamal Cool (GS Class of 1995)

November/December 2013:
Andre Amarotico (Class of 2012)

October 2013:
Joseph Lacap (Class of 2010)

September 2013:
Gregory Lowell (Class of 2006)

January 2013:
Christopher Evart (Class of 2006)
Tyler Iorillo (Class of 2010)

November 2012:
Nathaniel Anderson-Frank (Class of 2003)

September 2012: 
Tzaddi Thompson (Class of 1988)
Cameron Washington (Class of 1994)

April/May 2012: 
Jeston Lewis (Class of 2008)

February/March 2012:
Kathryn Lundquist (Class of 2005)
Michael Bloom (Class of 2001)

January, 2012: 
Liv Leuthold (Class of 2002)

November/December, 2011: 
America Whitten (Class of 2009)

October, 2011: 
Ben Weber (Class of 2003)

October, 2011: 
Allason Leitz (Class of 2010) (weekly bulletin)

September, 2011: 
Brett Thurber (Class of 2005)

If you are interested in being profiled for one of our newsletters, please contact our Advancement Associate, Seraph White, at (415)931-2750 ext.307 or