Michael "Toby" Bloom (Class of 2001), Senior Advisor for Nancy Pelosi

Michael Tobias “Toby” Bloom, SFWS GS ’97, HS ’01, is a Senior Advisor for Nancy Pelosi in Washington, DC. As Senior Advisor, he handles intergovernmental affairs, acting as a liaison between the office of the Minority Leader and state and local governments throughout the country. In this capacity he is primarily maintaining partnerships with officials and government representatives and building relationship with new mayors, new governors, and other officials.

Toby has worked with Nancy Pelosi ever since interning with her his last semester of college at George Washington University, where he received a degree in Political Science in 2005. Since then, he has helped out everywhere he can; starting with answering phones and delivering mail and moving into scheduling and working with policy in the “policy shop” before moving into the position that he has now.

For Toby, the most important part of his job is that he is able to help people. He has always loved politics, and as he says, “I am not cynical or jaded at all, I still believe politics can be a force for good and that is reinforced by the work Leader Pelosi has done and continues to do on health care, education, the environment and reigniting the American dream for all. At the end of the day, it is all about people.” For someone who loves politics as much as Toby, working in an office in the Capitol Building is part of the excitement.

Attending San Francisco Waldorf School made a big impact on Toby. Not only is he close to many of his friends from high school and grade school, but both the academic and life lessons that he learned at Waldorf still stand out for him. He finds that the combination of college preparation and creativity is unique to the Waldorf experience—a lot of schools teach you to analyze, and many others teach creativity, but “very few teach at the intersection of those two.” It is this intersection of creative thinking that allows for success.

As a member of the first class at our high school, he experienced being a part of building something from its inception. Every morning, he and his classmates would set up their classroom and embark on a “remarkable partnership” with the teachers.  “Everybody was in it together, and the teachers had a real investment in your success.”  Through traveling, community service, and internships, Toby was able to discover what he was passionate about—politics and helping people.