Brett Thurber (Class of 2005), The New Wheel

We love hearing from our Waldorf Alumni. At last year’s Winter Fair Brett Thurber had quite a bit of success promoting his electric bikes to interested parents in our bike friendly community. As we were collecting information for this year’s community professional directory, Brett shared the following background with us:

“After graduating from the history department at UC Berkeley, and with a great deal of work, focus, and much of my lifetime savings, I started The New Wheel, a company committed to providing the highest quality electric bikes, attentive service, and a vision for the future. In September of 2010, I opened virtual doors, promoting the company over the internet and at Farmer’s Markets and paying house calls to customers by electric bike. Having no experience running a business, and finding myself in a nascent sector, I was forced to learn quickly and develop my approach as I went. I have briefed City Supervisors on the promise of electric bikes, worked with the UCSF Police Department to get officers out of cars and onto bikes, been featured by Outside Magazine (August 2011 issue), opened a showroom in North Beach with Dylan’s Tours—started by another Waldorf alum, Dylan David — and, most importantly, seen that San Franciscans are eager for a better way to get around.

"My vision was, and is to this day, to change the way that we move ourselves, and in the process transform the way we live in our city. But such a large imagined project takes many small and disciplined steps. I am still at the beginning but I thank my years at San Francisco Waldorf for getting me to where I am today. It is the education in persistent curiosity and imagination that I received during my formative years at Waldorf that have paved my way out of school and into the working world.

"Please come by our showroom at 782 Columbus Avenue to discover the fun, practicality, and elegance of our electric bikes and other urban transportation products.”