Nestled in a quiet neighborhood block, San Francisco Waldorf Grade School enjoys close proximity to neighborhood parks and playgrounds as well as the Presidio of San Francisco, a National Park with extensive open space.  The campus itself is a tree filled collection of buildings that include classrooms for each of the grades, three kindergartens, a multiuse hall, and a eurythmy room.

The classrooms themselves filled with the daily lives of the students.  The walls are covered with the latest sets of paintings, the cupboards are filled with math tools and art supplies, and desks are filled with main lesson books, practice books, recorders, and other tools for the children's daily use.  The classrooms are always beautiful as well as useful.  The walls are painted with soft colors that encourage learning and flowers bring life and beauty into the room.  Usually the front chalkboard presents a carefully thought out chalk drawing that gives the children a beautiful representation of the current material that they are learning.

Of course, no campus is complete without the smiling faces of the children, nourished by learning and social interaction as they march through mud puddles in the rainy season and urgently raise their hands in algebra and California History.