Our Community

The SFWS community welcomes you and your family to join us for an exploration or deepening of your connection to Waldorf education and to our school through participation in social and educational events and in our community-based festival life. 

Founded as a non-sectarian school with a commitment to engage our community‚Äôs diverse cultures, religions and languages, values and life experiences, our current parent and extended community play an active role together with faculty and staff in creating an inclusive and open community based upon mutual respect and interest in educating our children and ourselves.  

Opportunities abound for community involvement. Parents are invited to volunteer in our biodynamic gardens, join us for a hiking day or week-long field trip, support annual festivals and cultural events with their unique talents and backgrounds or take a leadership role in our Parent Association

Just as each child in our school is encircled by loving teachers and a community of parents who move with them through the grades, so is our school encircled by a vibrant community of alumni students and parents, fellow educators and supporters of Waldorf education who continue to engage with and support our vibrant community life.