Early Childhood

During the first seven years of a child’s life, an astonishing range of human capacities develop. As they awaken to the world, learn to walk and talk, master their bodies, and begin to understand their relationship to others, young children observe and absorb the environment around them and imitate the movements and interactions they see. Our early childhood program offers support for children and families during these critical early years based on Rudolf Steiner’s insights into birth and early child development and provides an introduction to Waldorf education.

Our early childhood program consists of:

The parent-child program, which offers a gentle introduction to the group setting and a welcoming space for parents and children.  Here, children can explore and experience a rhythm and mood supportive of free imaginative play, healthy self-initiated movement, and imitation.

The nursery, offered for children ages 2¾ to 4 1/2 to attend two or three mornings per week, with parent evenings held monthly.  The nursery child may be ready to explore a slightly wider world, moving from classes with her parents to her own nursery class, where she can begin to test her new sense of self more independently in an environment designed to nurture and support her continued unfolding.

The kindergarten, offered for children ages 4 to 6½, to attend five days per week, with parent evenings held monthly.  In a life-enriching, caring environment, the children learn through imitation, nurturing sense impressions, purposeful play, storytelling, and practical and artistic activities.  Learning in the kindergarten fosters a strong sense of self and relationship to the world, as well as and capacities for creative thinking and healthy movement.