Parent-Child Program Teachers

Nichola Clark is the Director of the SFWS Parent-Child Program and leads our Young Toddlers Observation class. She is a graduate of the Rudolf Steiner College teacher training program, with an emphasis on the grades. Nichola was born and raised in Lincolnshire, England. Her interest in Waldorf education grew after she stepped into a kindergarten and saw how the children were content and extremely capable in this environment. She has worked in a Waldorf-inspired preschool in Palo Alto and helped to found the SFWS Nursery program, where she was a teacher for 10 years. She enjoys taking time out to explore nature with her husband and two young children, as well as sailing, cycling, and travel. Her oldest daughter attends SFWS Nursery while her younger daughter, who was born this year, is at home with her.

SusannaSusanna von Rombs leads both Observation and Work and Play classes. She also teaches in our Nursery and runs the Nursery Aftercare Program. Susanna is a graduate of the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training and ran a small Waldorf-inspired nursery program in her home in Glen Park (Little Orchard) for six years. She was born and raised in Munich, Germany and attended Ludwig Maximilian University, where she completed a bachelor's degree in Special Education. Before moving to the US, she worked in public relations with a start-up company and completed a goldsmith apprenticeship. Besides baking and knitting, she enjoys crafting, cooking, and exploring together with her family in nature. Susanna's three sons attend SFWS, where she is an active parent volunteer.

Jennifer Rossi facilitates both Observation and Work and Play classes. She also teaches at the Friends of Potrero Hill Nursery School. She is a graduate of the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training, with an emphasis on early childhood. Jennifer has seven years of experience working in Waldorf-inspired preschools. She is a San Francisco native who spent much of her childhood having outdoor adventures in the Bay Area. She found Waldorf education while searching for the right education for her eldest child, while her youngest child ignited her love for working with parents together with their young children. During her free time she loves to draw, felt, cook, and spend time in nature with her family. Jennifer's son and daughter attend SFWS. 

Annette Hughes-White assists in the SFWS Nursery and leads Work and Play courses. She is a graduate of the Rudolf Steiner College early childhood teacher training program. Annette traveled the world extensively as a child, being educated in her early years in Africa and her high school years in the Fiji Islands. After completing a course at Bangor Technical College, she went on to work as a flight attendant, visiting parts of the world she had missed as a child. She has a great love of cooking as it relates to grounding family life in a hectic world and of being outdoors with children, nurturing their natural capacities to explore and play, and with parents, sharing special spots in nature here in our beautiful city of San Francisco. Annette has two children. Her son recently graduated from San Francisco Waldorf High School while her daughter continues at SFWHS.