picture of girls readingThe Library at San Francisco Waldorf Grade School is first a book resource for students, faculty, and parents, its shelves organized and labeled by subject and grade to serve the particular needs of each group. Overseen by a librarian, the library is an abundantly used space that hosts weekly library periods and/or recesses for students, remedial lessons, daily After School Program study halls, “Breakfast Math,” rounds singing, parenting and handwork classes, and Administrative Meetings. It is also used on the weekends for the teacher training program.

The grade school literature collection currently numbers over 5,500 volumes and serves all areas of the Waldorf curriculum, parenting classes, and teacher training needs, as well as an ever‐expanding trove of picture books, young nonfiction, and developmental, early, and middle‐grade readers. Meeting monthly with public and independent‐school librarians, the librarian—herself a children’s literature specialist has expanded the school’s rich multicultural offerings, paying particular attention to African‐American, Native American, Hispanic, and Asian literature.

Summer Reading Lists are put together by the librarian in consultation with each class teacher to encourage reading fror pleasure through the summer, support parents in their efforts to find age appropriate material and to support the specific requirements of the class teacher.

(These lists are created each year with the specific groups of children and their class teacher's plans in mind. SFWS is happy to share the reading lists outside the school, but appreciates SFWS and grade school library being aknowledged when they are shared.)

Rising Grade 2 (Barhydt)

Rising Grade 3 (Ms. Baschkopf)

Rising Grade 4 (Su)

Rising Grade 5 (Bolich)

Rising Grade 6 (Guzder)

Rising Grade 7 (Fendell)

Rising Grade 8 (Jaquet)

San Francisco Public Library has an excellent online catalog and sign in using your library card and request delivery of books to your local branch.

Stores that have our electronic reading lists are: Books Inc. (Chestnut Street, Opera Plaza, Laurel Village), The Booksmith (The Haight), Book Passage (The Ferry Building, Corte Madera), and Mrs. Dalloway's (Berkeley).