Our academic program provides exposure and mastery of a broad range of ideas in math, art, science and the humanities. Through a wide variety of subjects, Waldorf students have the opportunity to discover their own unique strengths and talents, giving them the self‐confidence to succeed in all areas of their education.

The Waldorf curriculum is carefully crafted to guide students through various stages of their intellectual and personal development. Students learn to observe, compare, analyze, synthesize, question, and imagine alternatives. They debate ethical issues in science, history, and literature. They engage in abstract mathematical reasoning, as well as hands‐on laboratory experiments. They consider ideas from multiple perspectives, and appreciate the value of diversity. Learning through multiple methods results in a solid understanding of complex concepts and develops valuable skills that students will use throughout their lives.

Waldorf approach is based on the belief that education should foster students’ intellectual, social and emotional growth as they develop through a number of basic stages from childhood to adulthood.

The Waldorf curriculum helps students achieve their full potential. Every aspect of the high school experience, from the science lab to the playing field, to internships and community service, is viewed not only from the standpoint of academic preparation, but also from its contribution to the student’s developing sense of self. As students come to know the world, they come to know themselves.