For Parents

Parents play an active role in the life of our high school and are the pillars of our school community. A core group of parents is involved in the Parent Council and oversees the work of the Council’s many projects, which include: Parent Council Lecture Series, The Healthy Lunch Program, Sports Boosters, Safety, and Library Volunteers. Many parents participate in these volunteer programs. Our parents also work with the administration to serve as Hospitality Ambassadors at all of the school’s major events, such as Open Houses, Winter Concert, Holiday Lunch, Founders Night, among others.

The faculty and staff maintain open lines of communication with parents
concerning student and school issues, through forums such as parent evenings and parent-teacher conferences. High School Faculty are also available through email or voice mail. "Parent evenings” occur several times a year and are for parents to meet with the faculty sponsors for their students grade level. Sponsors give an overview of the current curriculum, and parents share information about parenting issues. Parent-teacher conferences occur formally just before Thanksgiving and on an as needed basis through out the year. All faculty and staff can be reached by email or voice mail.