Christof Wiechert: Loving Authority - Monday, March 17, 7pm

Dakin Hall, Grade School Campus

Free to the community 

How do we hold ourselves as parents? Christof Wiechert, a world-renowned Waldorf educator, will talk with us about the importance of developing the practice of loving authority as parents. Reminding us that it is not our job as parents to be our children’s peers or friends, he will talk about the importance of not overwhelming our children with the responsibility of too much choice. Christof will give us insights into the inner work as opposed to rote language that is required to develop the loving authority in our parenting.

Christof Wiechert was born in 1945, and was a pupil at the Waldorf school in the Hague, Netherlands. After studying education and geography, he was a teacher for 30 years at the Waldorf school in the Hague. During this time, Christof co-founded the Dutch State Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar, and was for many years a Council member in the Anthroposophical Society in the Netherlands. Together with Ate Koopmans, he developed the “Art of Child Study” course. In September 1999, he began his work for the Pedagogical Section, and in October 2001, became the head of the Educational Department of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum in Dornach/Switzerland. He is married with five children. Christof’s recent lecture tours include the Philippines, Israel, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Seattle, the Bay Area, and Orange County (7 lectures in 3 days). His current research includes the topic of Rudolf Steiner’s last months at the original Waldorf school, and in particular, Steiner’s efforts to guide the pioneer teachers in a new direction.