Dr. Johanna Steegmans: Strengthening Life Forces in the Age of Technology - March 25, 7pm

Eurythmy Room, High School Campus

Free to the community

What are the essential ingredients to a healthy, vital family lifestyle? Dr. Steegmans will speak about cultivating and nurturing vitality, enthusiasm, and interest in life, learning and relationships in our modern world full of technology. Living a life in balance is essential to our future: ecologically, economically, and socially. How do we reconcile convenience, necessity, and freedom? How can we resolve to strengthen our vitality and resilience and that of our families?  This conversation is important for families of students of all ages. Come hear how Waldorf Education graduates cultural creatives, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers.

Dr. Johanna Steegmans was born, raised, and trained as a pediatrician in southern Germany. She came to Seattle in 1989. Here she completed her training in Naturopathic Medicine at John Bastyr University. Dr. Steegmans was on the founding faculty of Sound Circle Center, teaching in the Early Childhood courses and the Foundation Year. Now, besides co-directing the Foundation Year Studies in Sound Circle Center, Johanna travels and teaches in various places here and abroad. Dr. Steegmans currently teaches Community and Communication: Group Work, Principles of Anthroposophy: Study Group and Alchemy of the Year.