Senior Project Festival, March 22

Dedicated to our teachers:

When the senior class was faced with choosing a Project, we all felt a little bit overwhelmed. We saw the fantastic work that had been done by past students and most of us did not feel like we could live up to the standards they set. This school does not set us up to fail, though.Over the years, and especially in high school, Waldorf students are exposed to an astounding variety of subjects and interests. Our passionate teachers ensure that we are able to find endeavors we can participate in outside of school, be proud of, and explore. This means we always have subject matter for our Senior Projects and know which teachers to ask for help. When I discussed the Project with my classmates, the resounding thought was: thankfulness.Without the teachers of San Francisco Waldorf High School, this school's Senior Projects might be coherent and diverse, but would, in the end, be lacking. We become so inspired by our teachers, the topics they bring to us, and the help that they lend. We could not have done this without you. 

- Miranda Hollingswood, on behalf of the Senior Class

List of Projects

Philippine Alba: Senior Prom Dress
Ayinde Chism: The Next Step in Sustainable Energy
Daniel Anderson: An Exploration into 3D Printing
Jules Christeson: Artificial Silence
Sarah Burgin: Fostering Animals
Miranda Hollingswood: Explorations in Photography
Dayo Origunwa: The Electromagnetism of Music
Orestis Hernandez: Film with Orestis
Natalie Wong: Writing and Illustrating a Children’s Book
Chloe LeDean: Cello Concerto in A minor - by JB Accolay
Nils Bellack: Filming, Editing or Cinematography
Aria Gallardo: An Exploration into Variations on a Theme on Cello
Lola Bushnell: The Progression of an Image
Zina Kelati: Family Traditions: Eritrean Food
Sophie Duvall: The Simple Love of Baking
Alie Steinberg: Time for Tea
Ariana Fariab: Using Social Media to Your Advantage
Jacqueline Deutsch: The Young Child in Waldorf and Public Schools
Mai Li: Free Composition on the Piano
Maia Serrahn-Resnick: How Daily Activities Affect Our Health
Anna Smith: Stereotypes in Music
Antinia Butler: Supporting Foster Care Youth in the Bay Area
Max Rico: Original Music
Davia Schendel: Neighborhood Rhythms: a Musical Map of SF
Joey Wang: Traditional Chinese Dress
Emily Zheng Pan: All About Dreams
Eric Settels: From Alpha to X: Building a Geiger Counter
Sharon Ni: A Look at Stamp Collecting
Josef Alicastro: Creating Knives Using Ancient Methods Today
Kristen Silber: Stories from the 12 Step Movement