Gloria & Stephen Decater: "Biodynamic Farming / Farm-based Education" - Monday, October 7, 7:30pm

Parent Education Program provided through the Outdoor Classroom Initiative

Monday, October 7, 7:30pm
Dakin Hall, San Francisco Waldorf Grade School

Free to the Community

In this presentation, the Decaters will explore both biodynamic farming principles and how their practical experience on a farm have provided educational opportunities for nearly three decades to students of all ages. Through their educational program, students encounter and begin to form a relationship with the earth’s life, as expressed by the many different plants and animals that constitute the farm, and to afford them an opportunity to develop hands-on skills that give them a sense of the meaning of practical, productive work.

Biodynamic farming practices recognize and work harmoniously with cosmic and natural rhythms to strengthen their activity in the soil, plants, and animals of the farm. Originally described by Austrian seer, philosopher, and scientist Rudolf Steiner in 1924, biodynamic principles emphasize understanding and respect for the earth as a living being. Biodynamic practices result in greater overall health and balance, preserve soil fertility and avoid pollution, and produce spiritually and physically nourishing food with high nutrition, flavor, and keeping qualities.

Stephen and Gloria Decater are the founders and operators of Live Power Community Farm, a 40-acre diversified biodynamic 100% community based farm in Mendocino County, California. The farm is now in its 26th season providing food for 200 member households in Mendocino County and the SF bay area. Steve and Gloria host on farm school class visits and maintain an apprentice program for 5-7 apprentices each season.  They came to the land originally as caretakers and in 1995, with the help of their member community,  they created and placed a specialized shared equity agricultural easement on their farm which dedicates the land permanently to active biological farming use and ties its resale value to farming income level keeping it affordable to future generations of farmers. Live Power Farm has been the site of SFWS’ 3rd grade farm trips for over two decades.