Student Achievement : Antinia Butler, 12th Grade

Antinia Maria Butler was recently selected for Bank of America’s Student Leaders program, an eight week summer internship and leadership summit in San Francisco and Washington, DC.  This highly competitive program provided Antinia with a paid internship at a local non-profit, helping her strengthen her extra-curricular advocacy work as well as continuing to support her in her longer term aspirations to become a lawyer.

As a foster youth herself, Antinia has become very involved in foster youth advocacy, especially on the legislative level.  She has spent a lot of time this past year volunteering with California Youth Connection (CYC), working with their team on legislation in Sacramento to help close loopholes and abuse in the foster care system.  Through CYC, Antinia participates in conferences, takes classes in politics and accountability, and learns how to write laws that are clear and effective.  She recently received an award from State Senator Mark Leno for the dedicated work that she has been providing CYC.

Antinia enrolled at SFWS as a Kitch Scholar after completing middle school at Kipp Bayview Academy.  While the transition to SFWS was at times difficult, Antinia appreciates the opportunity that she has to experience different teaching styles, social groups, and cultures.  Even though she was the only one who came from her middle school, she made friends quickly and was class president in 10th grade.

In addition to her selection for the Bank of America’s Student Leaders program, Antinia’s hard work is paying off in other ways as well.  Last spring she won a space on a Historical Black College and University (HBCU) tour and was able to visit six different colleges in the South.  She is enthusiastic about a number of the colleges that she toured and was struck with some engaging observations about being a Californian in a different part of the country.  Antinia says “I can’t wait to live in the south!  Everyone says to have an open mind, and it will be a different experience, another lens to look through.”