From the Grade School Parents Association

** New this year ** Special Guest Speaker series! We start off each monthly meeting with an exceptional guest speaker on a topic of great interest to the community. Upcoming agendas and minutes for prior meetings are available in the weekly bulletin. Hard copies available in the office.

Prior special guest Speakers: In September, Craig Appel, president of the Board of Trustees, met with parents to discuss the new governance framework, including the role of the newly formed Administrative Council. The October meeting featured Judith Kutney, Educational Support Director, who discussed milestone testing and also protocols for students who need additional academic support. 

Upcoming special guest speakers: November 6th: Sheila Schroeder, parent and member of the Boardof Trustees Finance Committee, and Gerhard Engels, Finance Manager and Administrative Council member, will discuss the school budget in layman’s terms. Included in this discussion will be the financial health of the school, tuition, and future directions. December 11th: TBA. January: Dagmar Eisel, Co-Chair College of Teachers, will answer all your questions on what is the College of Teachers in a Waldorf school and its role in our community. 

Please send a note to for speaker suggestions. We hope to see you soon!