Grade School Steering Report (GSSC)

As August came to a close, the classrooms suddenly filled with the energy and enthusiasm of our students.  Since the first days of school the days and weeks have passed quickly and suddenly we feel the first autumn chill.  Throughout the school year the Grade School Steering Committee (GSSC) meets every Thursday afternoon afterschool to hold the pedagogical working of the school.  The current members include: Mary Barhydt, Diane David, Dagmar Eisele, Corinne Fendell, Monique Grund, Laurence Jaquet, Erin Kemp, Karen Nelson, Tamar Resnick, and Lisa Sargent.  The GSSC will expand in December when new members are set to join.

As we find ourselves fully immersed in the school year, some of the tasks the GSSC has been undertaking include organizing opportunities for teachers to receive professional development, and visits from mentors like Susan Goldstein and Johanna Steegmans.  The GSSC is also shepherding the expansion of the nursery program due to be completed in early 2014.  Some of the items under discussion include: establishing budget priorities for the next school year; reviewing personnel policies and procedures; and developing communication protocols.  We are also working to finalize the Discipline and Media Policies.