High School Steering Report (HSSC)

The High School Steering Committee holds the broad perspective on pedagogical activities at SFWHS. This work often begins in a Steering conversation, filters out to either the full faculty or a task group for input, and then comes back to Steering for a final decision. This year, we have focused on formalizing the Professional Development Committee, a committee that ensures that processes are in place to allow regular education, mentoring and evaluation of our teachers.

Also this fall, the HS Steering crafted a proposal (approved by faculty on October 9) to make course material available online, and we are in the implementation phase of this project. There are also always the ongoing scheduling questions that Steering addresses, including so far this year, rescheduling the 9th grade trip, finding a new graduation venue, and envisioning a Senior Project festival weekend (March 21-23, 2014). Upcoming topics for HS Steering Committee discussion include the role of the Academic Advisor, a review of our Community Service Program, and a review of the Individual Learning Committee (ILC)’ s support and procedures at the high school.