Winter Fair Thanks

Winter Fair would not be possible without the incredible volunteer effort from the entire school community. Thank you for all of the support before, during, and after the Fair. Its success is a testament to our community and  the overall willingness to pitch in to make events like this wonderful.

Special thanks are due to the following people: 

Winter Fair Coordinators: Laura Hudgens and Madhulika Jain
K/Nursery Primary: Amy Tachoires and Scott Peter
K/Nursery Cookie House: Abigail Ryan and Scott Peter
K/Nursery Pocket People: Stephanie Alston and Vanessa Lane
Games: Jodi Jirsa (HS Students)
Castle Quest: Fernando Ruarte and Justin Ganz
Crafts: Jennifer Baker
Candle Dipping: Kirstin Bach and Portia Diwa (harpist)
Fairy House: Monique Duncan
Decorations: Terry Pelka and Emily O'Keeffe
Wreath Making: Gretchen Hillenbrand and Team
Sleeping Giant: Shannon Burchard and Ann Ratsep
Hot Food: Maxine Siu, Krissy Kean, and Joseph Manzare
Cake Walk: Amy Moon and Michael Kelleher
Set up/Clean up: Paula McCabe
Finance Coordinator: Lisa Lehto
Puppet Show: Early Childhood
PA Room: Melinda Scully and Candace Tam
High School Coordinator: Lisa Anderson
Musical Entertainment: Shannon Bryant and Diane Aurelius
Curriculum Room: Erin Kemp and Karen Nelson, Lisa Barry
Photography: Lucy Goodhart
Fair Liaison: Heather Mitchell
School Liaisons: Rein Ratsep, Cory Powers, Seraph White and Mitch Mitchell

Click here for photos of Winter Fair by Lucy Goodhart

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