Winter Fair 2011

Thank you to all the parents, faculty and students who contributed to making a festive fair on a gorgeous, sunny day. A special thank you to Mary and Joseph Manzare (parents, grade 4 and K3) who brought their extensive restaurant expertise to us this year. The food was extraordinary and the advice for moving forward invaluable!! For more of chef Joe’s masterful cooking and menu planning visit one of his four restaurants—Globe, Zuppa, Hecho or Tres—you won’t be disappointed!

Winter Fair Coordinators – Heather Mitchell, Jeni Vullings
Merchant Coordinator – Marisa Toriggino
Finance Coordinators – Peggy Duvette, Lisa Lehto
Kindergarten Primary Coordinator – Emily O’Keeffe
Kindergarten Games Coordinator – Jodi Jirsa
Kindergarten Cookie House Coordinator – Maureen Perry
Kindergarten Pocket People Coordinator – Sharon Campbell
Kindergarten 1 Coordinator – Stephanie Alston
Kindergarten 2 Coordinator – Wendy Walker
Kindergarten 3 Coordinator – Arezoo Fakouri
Grade 1: Fairy House – Monique Duncan
Grade 2: Crafts – Rhonda Emmert, Sabrina Nouri-Moosa, Gretchen Hillenbrand
Grade 3: Decorating – Moira Walsh and Cara Daniels
Grade 4: Hot Food – Mary and Joseph Manzare
Grade 5: Cake Walk – Paula McCabe
Grade 6: Sleeping Giant – Larry Doyle
Grade 7: Cashiering – Melinda Morrison
Grade 8: Set up/ Clean up – Paula McCabe and Justine Costerouse
Puppet Show – Early Childhood TeachersMath Games – Stacey Hubbard
High School Coordinators – Lisa Barry and Jessica Eicher
Musical Entertainment – Candace Tam
Curriculum Room – Erin Kemp
School Liaisons – Cory Powers, Lisa Sargent, Seraph White, Mitch Mitchell