Winter Fair Merchants

If you missed the Winter Fair or want to follow up with a vendor, please contact Seraph White at for vendor contact information.

Red Circle
8th Grade Coffee &
Baked Goods
Santa Cruz Gold
Febe’s Jewelry
SFWS Faculty
Wreath Sales 

4-Car Garage
Hannalah Designs
Turner’s Toys 
Whitley Designs
Divina Collection
Tree Sales
Wreath Sales  

After Fair Greenery Sales 

Kindergarten 2 (K2)
Sophie’s Market
Of Maine Wood
Truth’s Dolls
Royale Hare
Ragged Thistle
  Ragged Thistle gallery 

Kindergarten 3 (K3)
poppies & milk
Sarah's Silks
Little World Wonder

Dakin Hall Foyer
8th Grade Fundraising
12th Grade Fundraising
Floresta Botanicals
Fairy Ware

2nd Grade 
Heartwood Arts
Eco Silk Art
Zuzu's Petals
Bee Happy Candles

1st Grade
One of a Kind Jewelry
Q’ewar Project
Marcia Palma
Dragonfly Designs
Waldorf Creations

Biotica Kombucha

After School Room (ASP)
PA Books and Handwork

Thank you to     for its sponsorship of our marketplace.

Babysitting is available at the Winter Fair!  Sign up for an 8th grader to escort your children around the fair while you shop or work. $10/hour.