Pocket People

“Pocket People” wear long coats covered with pockets that are filled with tiny, handmade treasures. The Pocket People distribute these treasures to the children in exchange for 1, 2 or 3 stars (stars are the currency of the fair). These delightful, handcrafted treasures are just one of the ways our Winter Fair is unique! 

Pocket people treasures are made by adults with love and care either using your own ideas and materials or made using pre-assembled kits which may need something added to complete it. For inspiration, see the inspiration basket in the main office or photos at the pocket people sample page. Put on the eyes of a child when thinking about these treasures; simple ideas are often the most beautiful. Treasures with loose or delicate parts should be wrapped in tulle and tied very securely with ribbon.

We highly encourage our talented crafters to aim for 3-star treasures as these are the most popular and sell out far too quickly at the fair. Since 3-star valued pocket people often take more time, skill, attention to detail, and perhaps higher quality materials we understand that you may not be willing to take on making 12. Please let your pocket person coordinator know what you have in mind and how many you're willing to make. 

If you have questions about the kits, please contact Vanessa Lane at vanessalane@gmail.com

Pocket People coordinators, Vanessa and Stephanie will host two Craft Circles, Wednesday, November 12th and 19th at 8:30-10:00am. Please come by and create your treasures with other Nursery and Kindergarten parents in the Dakin Hall.  Individual classes often schedule craft circles at parent homes, so be on the lookout for emails regarding these events as well. 

Please complete and deliver your treasures to the office by Monday, December 1stPlease also clearly label your treasures with your name and place them in the box marked Pocket People.

Photo Inspriations
Sample Pocket People

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Pocket People Coordinators: Vanessa Lane - K3 & Stephanie Alston - K1