Summer Reading List 2011-2012

Familiarity with great literature and with the significant figures of history is one of the hallmarks of the well-educated person. The busy schedule and many demands of the school year sometimes make it difficult for students to read as extensively as they should.

A complete list of books that will be used in Humanities courses for the school year 2011–2012 is available below. In addition, the list contains the required summer reading for each grade level; in addition. Please note that:
• Books in *Bold print are to be purchased by each student and read in the summer. Check your grade level for required books – there are: one book each
for grades 9 and 12, and two books each for grades 10 and 11.
• Other books listed will be read during the course of the year; students may wish to purchase them to read ahead of time.
• There is no all-school required book this year.

Students should keep notes on what they read. Students will be asked to show familiarity with their summer reading as part of class work.

The faculty and staff hope that you have a restful summer and that you enjoy your summer reading.


-Paul Gierlach, for the Humanities faculty