Stern Grove Assembly, Friday, September - Grades 1 - 12

Parents are warmly invited to a morning of activities at Stern Grove on Friday, September 30.

Beginning at 10:15am the school will host a coffee tasting event. SFWS is partnering with to produce our own SFWS blends that will be for sale in the coming month. This organic, shade grown coffee comes directly from farmers in an arrangement that goes beyond the usual Fair Trade standards. Come taste the possibilities and help us choose our own blends!

As you are enjoying your coffee, grade school students will arrive via school bus and high school students will walk from the campus. The assembly will offer presentations from a number of classes in grades 1-12, beginning at approximately 11:15 AM. Parents, grandparents, little ones and other friends are welcome to spread out a blanket or bring a lawn chair and enjoy the assembly. You are also welcome to stay and enjoy their own picnics in Stern Grove after the assembly, but please be aware that students will remain with their classes for lunch and other activities and will return to their respective campuses by regular dismissal time.

We regret that we cannot invite parents and guests to lunch with the students. For safety reasons we cannot dismiss any students directly from Stern Grove.

Muni Metro: Take lines M Ocean View Bus or K Ingleside and exit at the St. Francis Cirlce stop. Walk west one block down Sloat to the park entrance at 19th Avenue and Sloat Boulevard.
Muni Bus: lines 23-Monterey and 28-19th Avenue stop right at 19th Avenue and Sloat Boulevard.